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Search Engine Optimization

SEO. You may see these three letters around the Internet, and ignore them because you dont understand them. This is not recommended. They can make your year if you use them wisely. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process where pages can be deliberately changed in a way so that they appear first on a search engines query. A few keywords are chosen, and the page is optimized for them. Now whenever one of the keywords is typed in or, the optimized page should be the first one listed (or it will be higher, at least).

Why would do I want to be first on Google? you ask yourself. The answer is simple: your website will receive an exponential increase in the amount of visitors daily, monthly and yearly. People dont want to search through 100+ pages just to find your site, they just want one thats there and has what they need- specified by the keyword. Anyway thats enough for the overview, now we shall discuss how you can implement this feature very easily without hassle.

Most of the top search engines today use a fairly simple formula to determine your pages rank on them. The primary factor in this equation is the number of inbound links to your page. These are links from other sites on the Internet, which point to your page. This means that getting your page known to the public and getting it linked is very important for your business. Doing this in itself can be hard if you dont know the right people, places, sites and so on.

Now, getting down to the real deal: Link Exchanges.

Link Exchanges have shaped the web to be the way it is today; full of search engines and high-ranking pages for unique keywords. The main benefit of this method is the fact that it is easy to use, cheap, guaranteed to work, and involves little effort to start it. They are what they say: a place to exchange links.

Link Exchanges offer you a valuable way to create links with partners like you, who have sites about closely related topics, adult or not, technical or not, serious or not. Once a partner is found (usually within a few minutes with some successful programs) you place link(s) to each others site, which will result in you both gaining rank. Apart from being easy they are extremely effective at what they do. Within a matter of hours a spider for some search engine will comb your site for new links etc, and notice an inbound link (to your site) and an outbound link (from your site). It will report this, and your pages rank will increase accordingly.

SEO is often an expensive matter, needing professionals, time, hassle and maintenance. With Link Exchanges you dont need to pay (usually), you will make new partners across the world, you can be sure that a link will remain for at least three months, and your sites rank is put directly in your hands.

Some sites such as will place you in their link directory giving thousands of visitors a day the chance to find your page. In addtion other adult webmasters who are also a part of this link exchange will be notified of your link and could very well request to trade links with you as well, or to form a partnership with you if you both wish.

It can be seen that there are many advantages to this system, free traffic, free page rankings (in turn even more traffic), valuable partnerships, inbound links, and much more.

There are no known flaws in this system, nor any disadvantages, as Exchanges are definitely a way for you and I to equally benefit.

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